Pier Peer

Join South Sound Estuary Association at Boson Harbor Marina for Pier Peer night-lighting events the first Friday night of each month.   Peer below the waters of Puget Sound and discover the lives of mysterious and beautiful creatures.  Jellyfish, colorful sea slugs, predatory worms and more visit us at the underwater lights.  Learn about the animals of Puget Sound and see them like you never have before! Sign up now for an event – the first Friday of every month – year round.  Start time varies between 8 – 9 pm depending on the season.  

Please bring your own flashlight (one per person is ideal), wear non-slip shoes and dress for the weather.  Children under 5 are not advised.  Each between child 6 and 11 must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a life vest for your child if you have one.

Pre-register required!  Please click on link at bottom of this page to do so.  Reservations can be made for the upcoming 3 months.

Cost: $10/12 and older.  Children 6 – 11 that accompany an adult are free.  Event is not appropriate for children under 6. 

Due to dock weight limit maximum space available is 20 people.  PLEASE no more than 2 children/adult.

Event registration will be closed when the maximum of 20 is reached for the safety and enjoyment of participants.  If you find registration is closed, don’t worry — there is a Pier Peer every month ALL YEAR!  Sign up available for upcoming 3 months.

Note:  If we do not have 10 adult/youth reservations, we reserve the right to cancel that month’s event.  All registered participants will receive email notice of cancellation and be given a change to register for an upcoming event.

Click here for Friday May 2nd registration

Register for June 6th registration

Register for July 11th registration.  (2nd Friday night – JULY ONLY)

U-Tube videos shot at Boston Harbor Marina.  Click to see some of the creatures you will see there.





Inclement weather:   Call Gabby at 360 878-9320 or email her at gabby@sseacenter.org to confirm event.

Questions:  contact Gabby@sseacenter.org  or call her at (360) 878-9320.

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