The South Sound ESTUARIUM,at 309 State Ave. NE Olympia,  is a marine life discovery center featuring aquariums, interactive activities and interpretive exhibits.   Great place to visit for all ages. Hours: 11 – 4  weekends.   Visit the Esutarium and see our new 125 gallon aquarium and classroom education/lab space.

Parking:  Free parking, after 5 pm and on weekends, on the street and in the city lot at Franklin and State Ave. 


Grand Reopening Celebration is set for August 16th, 2 – 5 pm.

For more details on the Estuarium Vision go to “Honor David’s Estuarium Vision” tab on the home page.


Hours of Operation

Open to the public on weekends – Saturday and Sunday from 11 – 4.

Admission/Requested Donation: $5 – family, $3 – individual adult, $1 under 18 (individuals).  Free for South Sound Estuary Association members.

Private Group Visits: Our education team will work with your group of up to 20 people to design an exciting private group visit to the Estuarium or even to your classroom by special appointment.  Groups have included families, preschool, childcare, school, boy/girl scouts, boys and girls clubs, families and seniors.  $50 fee.  EstuariumGroupRequest

Elisabeth (BetSea) Antonio, Estuarium manager and marine educator is will work with you to schedule your group visit. A $50 fee is applied to cover our costs to offer this service.  Contact BetSea at for questions and scheduling.  Groups in community locations may also be possible for the $50 fee.  To request a group visit, complete the Estuarium Group Request Form and return to

Our Exhibits:

– Aquariums featuring an amazing diversity of animals from intertidal and subtidal environments in South Puget Sound. See sea stars, crabs, shrimp, anemones, sea cucumbers, chitons, stickleback fish, and much more. Identify animals, observe feedings, and more.Tank pic

A small group of dedicated volunteers, led by aquariums manager Bill Thomas, maintains our aquariums. Come see what’s new!

– Preserved Specimens feature an exciting variety of marine life from the depths of Puget Sound. Generously lent by the Washington Department of Ecology and David Jamison, see things like a shark eyeball and a Giant Pacific Octopus.

– Video Programing features an exciting array of short videos from local organizations and projects. From funny to informative, enjoy our selection of videos during your visit to the Estuarium.

– Hands on Exhibits include the “Web of Life”, microscopes, coloring, puzzles, and aquarium activities. While not ideal for very young children, hands on activities at the Estuarium are great for school age children.

– Interpretive Exhibits are highly educational on a variety of subjects relating to South Puget Sound ecology, geology, restoration, and recreation.  Most exhibits on loan from our community partners. Take some time during your visit to read through these amazing exhibits.

– The Community Billboard connects visitors to opportunities beyond the Estuarium to enjoy and protect Puget Sound. In addition to information about our other programs, w1274151_10151934274423109_1841346563_oe have takeaway materials from our community partners as well as flyers for upcoming volunteer opportunities and activities. Every time you come in, see what’s new on the community billboard.

For information about the Estuarium contact Betsea at