March 2nd, 8 pm Pier Peer at Boston Harbor Marina

Want to have some fun and mysterious and beautiful creatures?  The next Pier Peer at Boson Harbor Marina is March 2nd, 8 pm.  Peer below the waters of Puget Sound and discover jellyfish, colorful sea slugs, predatory worms and more!  Learn about the animals of Puget Sound and see them like you never have before!  
Please register as we have a limit on how many people can be on the floating dock before we get our feet wet.
Please bring your own flashlight (one per person is ideal) and dress for the weather.  Children, 6 and older, must be accompanied by an adult.  Cost is $10/adult and 1 child.   Limit  is 20 people.  
If you can participate in March – no worry.  There is a Pier Peer on the first Saturday of each month ALL YEAR!  Sign up available for upcoming 3 months.  Go to Pier Peer tab to register.
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