Plastics in the Ocean: Curiosity or Concern?

Upcoming Lecture: October 19th    SSEA was fortunate to have University of Washington researchers demonstrate their new technique for sampling microplastics during our Cruise on October 2nd. Their research is being duplicated all over the world and samples are being analyzed to give baseline information to determine the extent of the problem. While much research has focused on effects of large plastics in the water, very little has been done on what happens when those big pieces break down.   (Pictured right is UW Assistant Researcher deploying research apparatus to collect microplastics samples)

To expand upon this topic even further, SSEA is honored to have Dr. Joel Baker, Science Director at Center for Urban Waters in Tacoma, give a lecture on October 19th at LOTT’s WET Science Center. This lecture is free and open to the public.

According to Dr. Baker, microscopic fragments are floating in the ocean and washing up on shores, but the exact consequences for marine organisms are still unknown. Do microplastics pose harm to organisms when ingested? What happens when microplastics enter the food chain?

All these questions are being posed in Dr. Baker’s work with the UW Puget Sound Institute. Come find out how they are approaching these questions and more in his upcoming lecture. Plus, the results of samples collected during our cruise will be announced at this lecture. Come find out how our local waters measure up.

October 19th, 7-9pm
Location: LOTT’s WET Science Center
Lecture Title: “Plastics in the Ocean: Curiosity or Concern?”
Presented by Dr. Joel Baker, Director of UW Puget Sound Institute

For more information about upcoming SSEA lectures, please click here or call Leihla Scharlau at 888-0565.

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